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Rhea is a mobile health company focused on improving the way women access health support and information. We are passionate about it. We are developing a mobile messaging platform to connect you to reputable health support and information. Our platform allows you to exchange messages with health professionals and supporters in a secure, private and vetted way. With our App, you can ask questions, discuss your thoughts and feelings. Health professionals and supporters using our App can offer these you the support, information and guidance you need to make informed decisions.

Our Beliefs

Women go through a number of health changes and challenges in their lives. We believe that talk about the issues we are facing and get support helps us to make better decisions. We believe that access to reputable and trusted health support and information is key in this process.

Our Vision

To provide women with an opportunity to access professional and reputable health supporter and information in with security and confidentiality.

Our Mission

To support women to live healthier and better lives, by developing a mobile messaging platform for women to access professional health support and information any time, anywhere.

How does our App work?


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Ana Burman

Founder & CEO
Dr Ana Burman, is a researcher and entrepreneur passionate about using mobile technologies to support women’s health needs. Ana is committed to create a platform to deliver reputable and trusted health support and information using mobile messaging.
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Deepthy Francis

Deepthy is a PhD candidate with the University of Cambridge and a life science scientist very involved with supporting women to excel in the field of science and entrepreneurship.

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